With the world's rapid globalization, more and more people with different ages feel the needs of learning Chinese  -- one of  the oldest and most different languages. The secrets of mastering it are three essentials things: time, effort with determination and a great teacher.  

CN Tutoring offers Chinese lessons in Downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver North Shore. We specialize in teaching adult professionals, banking loan officers, real estate agents, accountants, CEOs and other business individuals as well as children.

Our Chinese Tutoring Inlcude:


  • Chinese conversation
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Comparative diction, phraseology
  • Accent reduction
  • Intensive business conversation

Academic (National Exam Preperation)

  • Tailored programs to the wants and needs of students
  • HSK, AP, IB, BCT, YCT etc. exams preparation
  • Pinyin recognition
  • Chinese character recognition for absolute beginners

CN Tutoring - exam preparation

What My Students Say

Jian is the best Chinese language tutor in Vancouver. I looked for years before finding her, and continue to see her often over the past 2 years. Actually finding a great tutor is very difficult. I have recommended to Jian to many new clients so far, they all are happy also. …more

Greg has been taking Chinese Lessons in Vancouver with CN Tutoring
Greg Managing Director

Jian was referred to me by a friend who found success in learning the difficult language with her tutoring. Within months of studying under Jian, I gained confidence in the language and eventually was able to live and work with locals in Taiwan for over a year …more

Matan has been taking Chinese Lessons in Vancouver with CN Tutoring
Matan Graduate Student

I had been looking for a Mandarin tutor for quite some time and when I met Jian, she made an immediate impression on me and seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for. I ended up seeing her for one a and half hours, twice a week (3 hours per week), which …more

Nick has been taking Chinese Lessons in Vancouver with CN Tutoring
Nick Mortgage Broker
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Contact me today for a free initial Chinese level assessment!

The assessment is a one-on-one conversation allowing me to assess the student's Chinese level and better understand the student's needs and goals. From there I can make some recommendations in terms of tutorial approach and classes frequency, material used, etc.


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Feel free to contact me with any questions in regards to lessons in Downtown Vancouver and the North Shore. Thank you!


Jian Xiang

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